Current Advocacy Efforts


H.R. 2920: Captive Primate Safety Act:
Currently, we are focused on gathering support for the Captive Primate Safety Act (H.R. 2920). This bill expands on existing environmental policy to prevent ALL Non-Human Primates from being transported and sold across state lines. This would prevent breeders from selling their monkeys around the country and would prohibit non-licensed primate “owners” from using their monkeys as attractions at fairs. The Captive Primate Safety Act would be a considerable blow against the exotic pet trade and would prevent more monkeys from living in people’s bedrooms, basements and backyards. One important thing to note: this bill exempts zoos, sanctuaries and labs. This means that when we get a call about a monkey being kept illegally in a certain state, Jungle Friends is still able to safely and securely transport the monkey to our sanctuary grounds.

Contact for more information about the Captive Primate Safety Act today!

Banana Derby and other Monkey Rodeos:

Monkey Rodeos, such as the Banana Derby, are unfortunately common at state and county fairs and other festivals around the USA. These rodeos often take capuchin monkeys, extract their teeth, dress them in ridiculous costumes and chain them to dogs to race around a track. As with the Banana Derby, after the race, many of these rodeos also offer the opportunity for visitors to pay to take photos with the monkeys.

These rodeos are problematic for a number of reasons. The monkeys themselves are not only toothless, they are also incredibly skinny and small for their age and have demonstrated caged behavior from anxiety and stree. During the actual races, we also have numerous photos and videos demonstrating that the monkeys are threatening the crowd and trying to escape from the dogs they are chained to.

Furthermore, these types of cruel acts teach children in the audience that monkeys are tame and that it is acceptable to use them for entertainment and as pets.

In October, 2015, Founder Kari Bagnall, our volunteer vet Dr. Carla Haddix DVM and other key supporters spoke to the Alachua County Commissioners against the Banana Derby! Not only were we able to BAN Banana Derby and other monkey acts from future fairs- the commissioners went further to BAN ALL exotic animal shows from future fairs in Alachua! Monkey Rodeos are exactly the types of exploitative “attractions” that Jungle Friends is against- help us STOP THEM from coming to your county by contacting us at today.