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Noah Noah is a spider monkey who arrived at Jungle Friends on July 22, 2007, when he was three years old. An animal rescue organization in Florida took Noah in when his owner developed health problems, leaving her unable to provide consistent care for her pet monkey. Although willing to help any animal in need, the rescue facility did not have any other monkeys, and did not have a habitat suitable for a spider monkey. After conferring with Jungle Friends, they decided that it was in Noahs best interest to transfer him to a primate sanctuary.

Noah in bamboo Noah was not sure how he felt about being relocated yet again, but his outlook brightened when he was introduced to Travis, one of the boys from the Jungle Friends spider monkey troop. Noah approached his first monkey friendship with caution, but soon grew more confident. Now the boys are hanging out together, sitting side by side and enjoying each others company.

Goldie is also quite ready to be friends, even grooming Noah through the 'monkey stop' that separates her habitat from Noahs. Lizzy, too, is eager to get better acquainted with the new boy; we expect to see some wild and crazy monkey play when these youngster get together in the near future. Noah will be integrated into the larger troop as soon as his vasectomy can be scheduled.

Read about our S-A-M Program for details on sponsoring Noah or any of our Jungle Friends primates. Or just choose your sponsorship level from these links.

The image of Noah's artwork is not yet available on the website, but you can still order a print or photo art below. Or, click here to view paintings by other Jungle Friends monkeys.

Framed print only ($30)

Photo Art ($40)

Example of Photo Art:
Have artwork by Noah created for you!

5x7 unframed ($50)

5x7 custom framed ($100)

8x10 unframed ($75)

8x10 custom framed($150)

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