On-Site Primate Sanctuary Managers

The Sanctuary Managers are expected to manage the care of the animals at the sanctuary, as well as the care staff, interns and volunteers. She/he will work directly with the Executive Director, Veterinary Technician and Sanctuary Director.

Duties include General husbandry for nearly 300 New World monkeys:

  • Clean, repair and landscape outdoor habitats

  • Clean, repair and decorate indoor enclosures.

  • Prepare and serve diets.

  • Monitor the monkeys' physical and emotional well-being.

  • Participate in medical procedures and restraint and capture, when necessary.

  • Construct and furnish new habitats.

  • Plan and monitor socializations.

  • General grounds keeping and maintenance.

  • Clean and repair sanctuary buildings.

  • Direct and oversee interns, volunteers and groups.

  • Recordkeeping and scheduling.

  • Learn and communicate to visitors the monkey’s species, back stories and natural origin.

  • Participate in fundraising campaigns, outreach and advocacy for captive primates.

The work is labor intensive and the Florida climate is very hot and humid in the summer. In the winter, temperatures can drop to the 20s, and duties include heater checks throughout the night during freezing temperatures. The work is difficult and can be stressful, but the rewards are great!

For the safety of the monkeys and co-workers, we do not accept applicants who smoke. Communal meals are vegan. You cannot store, cook or consume animals at Jungle Friends. We promote veganism.

Qualifications: You must have experience for this position and live on-site. We are looking for happy and healthy people to work with the monkeys. You must be friendly, even-tempered and have good communication skills, work well with others and have the ability to lead, as well as follow.

Salary: To be determined with the level of experience.

On-site Accommodations: Room and board with private bedroom and bathroom.

Application: Click here for Jungle Friends' Intern Packet (in .pdf format). Note: This packet was written for interns, but also serves as an employment application packet. Be sure to indicate on your application that you are applying for the long-term sanctuary manager position.