Social Media Coordinator

Part-time Social Media Coordinator
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary is home to 300 monkeys and a non-profit with a national support base. We are looking for the right person to translate our mission and core values into ideas and executable plans to engage online audiences in the social media space, and produce measurable results in expanding our community and support base.
The ideal candidate would have...
  •  Extensive social media expertise (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, blogs and more)
  • Experience with social networking from a business or marketing perspective, as well as personal use and demonstrated experience in persuading audiences to take action.
  •  Exceptional communication and writing skills.
  •  Photography and/or video skills.
  •  Enthusiasm for learning our philosophy, mission, history, issues.
  • Ability to translate the day-to-day realities and issues of our organization into engaging stories and effective campaigns to engage and expand our online community and support base.
  • Ability to establish measurements and success metrics for social networking initiatives
  • Understanding of and experience with marketing, public relations and fundraising.
  •  Commitment to animal advocacy.
How to Apply