Veterinary Technician

The Veterinary Technician will be responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of the animals at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

The duties include:

• Medical procedures including (but not limited to) anesthetizing monkeys, blood draws, suturing, surgery prep and bandaging 
• Prepare and administer medications daily
• Record-keeping and data entry
• Design habitats with natural enrichments
• Building habitats for a specific animal species
• Prepare specially formulated diets
• Inventory medications for the clinic
• Lead interns and volunteers
• Organize and observe primate socializations
• Work closely with our local Veterinarian 
The work is labor intensive and the hours can be long. Animals are unpredictable and can get injured any day or time of the week. You will be working indoors and outdoors. The climate is very hot and humid in the summer and can get very cold in the winter. The work can be demanding, but the rewards are great!


You must have experience for this position - Certification/Licenses will be verified. We are looking for very special people; we need happy and healthy people to work with the monkeys. You must be friendly and have excellent communication skills, work well with others and have the ability to lead others as well as follow. You must be even-tempered and down to earth. Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary has a no-complaint policy. We prefer some primate experience, but it is not necessary. 

Due to insurance and health considerations, we do not accept applicants who smoke.  

We are a vegan organization therefore you cannot store, cook or consume animal products at Jungle Friends.  

How to Apply