Ozzie - the best dog in the world!

Ozzie It is with great sadness that I tell you Ozzie is free of the body that betrayed him. Ozzie was a fighter and really enjoyed life, even though he got off to a rough start.

Ozzie had been having further difficulties, including septic arthritis in both his front knee joints. He cried with pain no matter how many pain meds I gave him, he could no longer tolerate the acupuncture due to his neuropathy and the neuropathy meds did not help. Ozzie could no longer use his cart and the last few days he could barely walk and had to be carried out and assisted much of the time.

Ozzie definitely had good days and bad days, but when his bad days worsened and were outnumbering his good days, we had to do what we felt was best for Ozzie. After discussing Ozzie's quality of life with Dr. Medina, Dr. Schirmer and Ozzie?s team of vets at the UF vet school, we came to the difficult decision that it was in Ozzie's best interest to let him go.

Ozzie's last memory of this life was an hour-long ride in my van, he loved car rides and was so happy to be going on an outing with his favorite humans. Ozzie died in our loving arms.

Ozzie was the best dog in the world - we all loved him so much. Jungle Friends is just not the same without Ozzie, he will be missed not only by the humans, but by all of his dog and monkey friends. It has been a very sad week, first Ozzie had to leave and then my brother left this world, oh, it is all so difficult to bear.

Lots of love to you all, Kari.

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