Michelle Herndon

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Michelle Ann Herndon

As I look back through this past year at Jungle Friends, I not only see how much I have been able to contribute to Jungle Friends, but most of all I see how much Jungle Friends has contributed to me and my goals. Volunteering at Jungle Friends has allowed me to broaden my horizons and expand my mind. Also, I have been taught the importance of patience and understanding--skills that are incorporated into my everyday life. Jungle Friends helps people to reach their potential and to really shine.

Throughout this year, I have had the privilege of not only meeting all of the Jungle Friends? monkeys, but also forming personal relationships with them and learning each of their individual personalities. Through Jungle Friends, I have seen a whole new world, and I am better able to appreciate the beauty of the monkeys.

Another thing I have learned through Jungle Friends is leadership and dedication. These skills were shown to me through Jungle Friends? head keeper, Erin Ehmke. Erin has been a role model for me since day one and everyday that I work with her I am inspired by her a little more!

Jungle Friends has been a very valuable experience that has taught me that with hard work comes great rewards. I am extremely happy that we are all given the opportunity to experience the beauty of Jungle Friends.

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