Sebastian - Memorial 1996-2012

Sebastian, our capuchin monkey, passed on March 13th, 2012 at 6:15 PM of a massive heart attack, totally unexpected. Our precious and beloved Sebastian was 16 years old.

Joel and I were left with a very big hole in our heart, we felt empty. For days we roamed our house with tears in our eyes. We wondered how this little 8 pounds of precious fur could have caused so much havoc in both our lives upon his passing. We walk into our kitchen and look where he used to sit and we get that sinking feeling again and again.

Sebastian was part of our family and the love of our lives. Sebastian was curious, inquisitive, smart and mischievous - he was his own little person. He had no reservation expressing his wants or feelings. Sebastian filled our lives with joy, mischief and love.

May you rest in peace Sebastian – you will always be in our hearts and minds.

With love,
Joel and Liliana Beige

I feel both chosen and privileged to have known and been a part of Sebastian's life. His beautiful expressive eyes and facial expressions were beyond belief.

This intelligent and playful soul loved his little hammock and pool. With food in his hand, he would extend his hand to me and “insist” I also eat, there-by sharing his food with me! Sebastian had many interests and was quite opinionated. Evenings, he looked forward to receiving warmed up blankets fresh from the dryer; which he would wrap himself up in for the night.

Sebastian left his tiny handprint on my heart - we shared an inter-species connection. Sebastian, my beloved friend, you brought joy and wonder into the lives of all who knew you, and your life was well lived.

May your beautiful little soul rest in peace,

Maxine Beige