Apprentice Caregiver (Senior Intern)

apprentice caregiver

This is a one-year advanced internship. Successful completion of a 4-month Jungle Friends entry-level internship is a prerequisite for apprentice applicants. (In the case of applicants who have equivalent experience caring for new world monkeys in a sanctuary setting, this requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Board.)

The apprentice caregiver is expected to learn and be able to take a team leader role in sanctuary operations. The apprentice should be proactive in assuring that all necessary tasks are completed. The job includes general husbandry caring for over 300 New World monkeys:

  • Clean outdoor habitats and indoor enclosures.
  • Prepare diets and feed.
  • Monitor the monkeys' physical and emotional well-being.
  • Medical procedures and restraint and capture, when necessary.
  • Build and repair habitats.
  • Planning and monitoring socializations.
  • General grounds keeping.
  • Clean and repair other sanctuary buildings.
  • Direct and oversee interns and volunteer groups.
  • Record-keeping and some computer and office work.
  • Share in preparing communal meals.
  • Participate in fundraising campaigns, outreach and advocacy for captive primates.

Apprentices receive room and board and a $500/month stipend.

How to Apply

If you have already completed a Jungle Friends internship, contact to apply for the apprenticeship.