Entry-Level Caregiver Internship

caregiver internship

Because we have more than 300 monkey residents, and are expecting to double in size over the next year, we always need multiple caregivers and internships are almost always available.

The caregiver's work includes

  • general husbandry;
  • cleaning and propping monkey habitats;
  • food preparation, including special diets for monkeys with diabetes and other conditions;
  • feeding the monkeys twice daily;
  • collecting used food bowls and washing up;
  • observing the monkeys while working, and reporting unusual behaviors or injuries to management;
  • building & repairing habitats;
  • performing regular checks of heaters and water systems;
  • general grounds maintenance;
  • leading volunteer groups on special projects or unskilled tasks;
  • other labor or special projects as needed.

You will participate in meal preparation and clean-up for communal meals, and are expected to keep your own quarters and shared living areas clean and neat.

How to Apply

After completing a 4-month internship, you may apply for a 1-year apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are limited and awarded at the discretion of the Executive Director. Completion of an entry-level internship does not guarantee that an Apprenticeship will be awarded.

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