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County Commisioners and the Alachua County Fair: 

Help us make a change! Please call or email the Alachua County Commissioners and ask them to put policies in place preventing exotic animal shows at the county fair. Let's make sure Banana Derby stays out of our community. Read more about this in our Jungle News post!

                           11/3/15 Kari appealed to the county commissioners

352-264-6900   Commissioners
352-374-5218   County Attorney
352-374-5204   County Manager
352-264-6890   Alachua County Animal Control, Director
352-374-5204   Mark Sexton County communications

County Commissioners -
Lee Niblock -
Angela Montgomery -
Gina Peebles -
Michele Lieberman -
Robert Livingston -
Mark Sexton -

Please email a letter to the County Commissioners! Here is an example of the letter NAPSA wrote to the Alachua County Commissioners. 

We will notify everyone with any hearing dates on this subject. We encourage everyone to attend and take action for these animals, they deserve our help! 

Please sign the American Humane Petition against the Banana Derby.

Dez Bryant's "new best friend": 

On October 21st the photo below was posted on Kari's Facebook page with the caption "My new best friend.... Dallas Bryant world".
On November 4th Founder and Executive Director of Jungle Friends, Kari Bagnall, spoke on 94Wip about the monkey, you can listen to the radio show here. Jungle Friends is willing to provide a forever home for this monkey with Mr. Bryant's permission. Monkers, a brown capuchin that lives here at the sanctuary has been a surrogate mom to 4 babies. If Jungle Friends were to rescue this monkey he would be put with Monkers to be raised properly. 

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