Jungle News: September 13, 2002

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

My apologies once again for not getting the Jungle News out in a timely fashion, we have been extremely busy here at Jungle Friends, so I have lots to report!

First, let me tell you that Connie has fully recovered from the pneumonia, however her blood glucose has risen. We are going to try to control her diabetes with diet, exercise and eliminate stress, but if it continues to rise, she will need to go back on insulin.

Grant Awards:

Our anonymous Matching Grant of $5000 was met and surpassed by over $6000 and I am happy to report that our generous donor matched the amount to the tune of $6100! With these funds we were able to complete the on-site caregiver’s quarters. And not a moment too soon! A heart felt thank you goes out to all of you who made this grant match possible!

We also received a most generous grant from the Ahimsa Foundation to build new habitats. We are currently in the process of not only building new larger habitats, but are also taking down some of our smaller habitats and replacing them with new larger habitats. We have finished three of the larger habitats and have more being delivered! But that is not all; Messengers of the Healing Winds Foundation also awarded us with a grant to build new habitats, so we have had our work cut out for us and the monkeys are really enjoying their new spacious enclosures!

We have Christine Orman to thank for writing the grant proposals for JF that won us the grant awards we mentioned above! Christine is now very busy working on grant proposals for the Born to be Wild (BTBW) project. Our aim is to acquire Salary Funding by January 1, 2003 for our new caregivers. Without the salary funding in place, the BTBW project is at a standstill. Salary funding is the most difficult to obtain and it is of utmost importance. If you know of any foundations, corporations or individuals that may be interested in funding salary grants, please let us know so that we can get a proposal out to them right away. The Born to be Wild project depends on this funding!

The human primates at Jungle Friends:

Ifat Zur, who was here for the summer for an internship, left Florida last month to attend a university in New York to further her music studies. We were sorry to see Ifat go and we miss her already. But she promises to come for holidays and visit our JF family. The monkeys miss hearing the beautiful tunes that she played on her French horn.

We are pleased to announce that Larry Coyne, one of our new on-site caregivers, is here and settling in nicely with our Jungle Friends family. Larry has been a friend of Jungle Friends for a couple of years now. He not only sponsored one of our monkeys here at JF, but he has been out on several occasions spending time volunteering for Jungle Friends and completely furnished the new on-site caregivers quarters. Larry will be our new Volunteer Coordinator and the director of our educational outreach programs. We were very happy when Larry decided to come on board full time!

We are also happy to report that Lee Ward, one of our past interns here at JF, has decided to combine her efforts and work with JF full time as well. Lee rescued a white-faced capuchin, Korey, at the vet clinic where she works as a veterinary technician and has decided to spend her life caring for these sentient beings. Lee will be in charge of the veterinary procedures under Dr. Reyes and Dr. Collins here at JF. Lee will be coming aboard in January.

Lee’s partner, CJ Bain, will also be joining JF on a more permanent basis along with Lee. CJ now comes to volunteer her time in the JF office and has done quite a fine job organizing everything from the bookkeeping to the database!

We are also thrilled to announce that one of our dedicated volunteers, Emily Saxton, will also be joining the JF team after she graduates in December from the University of Florida with a BS in Environmental Science. Emily will be working under Nicole Haaf (JF Director of Animal Care) in the care of the monkeys here at JF and on the Born to be Wild release program in Panama. We are very happy to have Emily joining our efforts.

We are saddened to say good-bye to Michelle Lampron and Genevieve St-Arnaud who traveled here from Quebec. They have been here volunteering for about a month offering their talents, Genevieve is a veterinarian and Michelle’s answer to any task we ask of him is always “No problem”. Michelle and Genevieve have finished up many, many projects around JF that we just have not been able to get to; they even organized the garage, which was quite a feat! They will be heading to Costa Rica next week. We hope to catch up with them on our next journey to Panama.

Jungle Friends Projects:

Speaking of Panama…The Born to be Wild project is moving right along! Nicole and I will be at the Primate Refuge and Sanctuary of Panama the first part of next month. We plan to meet with the officials and hope to get the permitting process going. We have a couple of production companies interested in doing documentaries on the project, so we are very excited about this. The PowerPoint presentation on the BTBW project will be on the website soon. I can also send you a link to view it if you would like.

We will have a short informational Jungle Friends Video that will include footage from Panama and the Born to be Wild project completed next week, so if you are interested in seeing it, let me know. We will also have a Public Service Announcement (PSA) ready at that time. So, please check in your area and see if your local TV stations or cable networks would like to have the PSA / the video to air, we would really appreciate it.

A very special thanks goes to Brady Crom, of Crom Computing Graphics, he is working on a multi media CD Rom for Jungle Friends that will include photos and video. Brady is donating his services and the CD Rom to JF; let’s hear it for Brady! I will let you know when they are available.

I will write more in the next couple of days on the non-human primates at Jungle Friends. And remember… If you know of any foundations, corporations or individuals that may be interested in funding salary grants, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can get a proposal out to them right away. The Born to be Wild project depends on this funding!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks