Jungle News: October 29, 2002

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

All of the monkeys have been in good health and we have a couple of new monkey additions to our Jungle Friends family. Iris is a young female adult brown capuchin and has become Buddie's best friend. She also enjoys the company of Connie, Gizmo, Tyler and Louie. This group all just moved into our newest, largest habitat here at JF. It is 20' w x 60' l x 12' h. We enclosed several existing trees and shrubs and added more and the monkeys are loving it! They are racing around on the ground, digging in the dirt for grubs, climbing through the trees, swinging from ropes, and just basically having a grand time exploring their new naturalistic environment.

The spider monkeys are also enjoying a new addition to their existing habitats just in time for the winter, as the new enclosure is in full sun and those of you who know Goldie and Clydette, know that they love to bask in the sun. Travis is not much of a sun worshipper, but he is very happy about the new digs!

Animal Activists of Alachua and Rotaract from the University of Florida helped to construct the perches, ropes and enrichments that were put into the new habitats. The Gainesville Tree Farm donated the live trees that are planted in and around the habitats and Wood Resources supplied a majority of the cut trees we use to create perches and climbing structures for the monkeys. B&M Equipment Rental contributed the use of their equipment that aided in the trenching of electrical and water lines for the caregiver’s quarters and new monkey habitats.

ETET is another of our new arrivals. He is a 20-year-old male brown capuchin who is now living with Jimmy Sr. and our old circus monkey Chi Chi. ET spends his days being groomed by Chi Chi, who now has two men in her life to fuss over, and calling out to all of the volunteers here at the sanctuary to come over and visit with him. ET received a very special visit from Animal Planet’s pet psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick, who helped us with his tail-biting problem.

The Animal Planet crew was here at the sanctuary last month and the segment will air in December. Sonya was very charming. All of the humans and the non-humans alike enjoyed her visit immensely. Sonya also spoke to Dodger and Jimmy about their rough play and bullying of the other monkeys. When Sonya refused to give Jimmy her scarf, he tore off a piece of her blouse and wore it proudly around his neck! Sonya also tells us that the monkeys are most anxious to go to their homeland, since they were after all... Born to be Wild!

Next month two more television shows will be coming out to film. House Calls, which is a home improvement program and Animal Magnetism based out of Canada. Jungle Friends now has Public Service Announcements (PSA's) that we would like to have aired around the country that can happen with your help! TV stations are required to give a certain amount of airtime to PSA's, so please check with your local TV stations and see what format they would like and ask them to go to the website and see if they would be willing to air our PSA's. Karol will also have the PSA's on the website as soon as possible, that will make it much easier for you to get it on the air. We have commitments from most of the stations around our area and Karol has quite a few stations in California, so please check with your local TV and cable stations.

Born to be Wild is an on-going venture that is going to take the support from many people, foundations, agencies and countries to turn this dream into a reality. Nicole and I will both be back on the islands in Panama next week to work on getting the necessary permits for transporting the monkeys over to the islands in place. Nicole will be there for an extended time meeting with the agencies and organizations involved in the project and helping with the constructing of the JF bohios.

In the month of December we will be holding a very special Benefit for the Born to be Wild Project right here at the sanctuary. So if you are interested in learning more or becoming involved with this unique project please feel free to contact us to receive a personal invitation. Elegant Events will be donating the catering, yummy! And Karol Lucan, our web designer and host, donated special polo shirts with the JF logo embroidered on it for the Born to be Wild Benefit and they are just gorgeous! You can receive one of these special Born to be Wild polo shirts as a gift for a donation of just $35 and you will also receive our 9-minute Born to be Wild video on CD ROM. Or to receive just the video send a donation of $10 and we will get one in the mail to you right away. This video has footage of the monkeys in Panama on the islands living freely in the trees; it is an awe-inspiring sight to see!

Xerographic Copy Center in Gainesville, who has come through for us year after year, has supplied all of the materials and their services to get our booklets, brochures, and all of our copying needs completed to help us to share the Born to be Wild Project.

Nicole Haaf and Larry Coyne designed our Born to be Wild PowerPoint Presentation, which we are presenting to groups in the community and surrounding areas. If you would like to do a presentation in your area, just let us know and we can get the PP Presentation, CD ROM or VHS video and full proposals to you. Karol should have the PowerPoint Presentation on the website in the next day or two. The budget for a project of this magnitude is tremendous, so please help us with our vision for the Born to be Wild Project!

As the Holiday Season grows near, please consider compassionate gift giving this year. You can Sponsor-A-Monkey for as little as $10 a month in another's name for a very special gift. And don't forget for the person who has everything...they probably do not have "Monkey Art". The monkeys' beautiful works of art is something that no home should be without. We also have our Monkey Holiday Cards again this year, so please order your holiday cards as soon as possible and share our Jungle Friends Monkeys with your friends and relatives.

A very special thank you to all of our JF volunteers who regularly come out to help with anything that needs to be done at the sanctuary no matter how small or how big a job it is. Jungle Friends would not exist if it were not for you!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

ET's Memorial