Jungle News: January 11, 2003

Angela and Randy Walker are a local couple in Raceland, Louisiana who called me a few days ago and told me that they were known in the area to take in unwanted animals, they told me that a few days ago a couple came to them with Ebi, a capuchin monkey, and told them that they had had him for about 8 years and now that they have children they are afraid for their safety and told the Walker's that if they did not take Ebi they would shoot him! As any compassionate human being would do, the Walker's took in this poor little guy and proceeded to look for a proper home for him. They contacted Primate Refuge of Panama, Dr. Dennis Rasmussen, who referred them to Jungle Friends. Mrs. Walker and I have been in communication via email and the telephone for several days now. The Walker's asked if we could offer Ebi a permanent home, we said that we would.

However, The Walkers called me last night about 7 pm (Louisiana time) and informed me that Ebi escaped about 5 pm. They said they kept him in the garage in a cage that he found a way out of and when the garage door was opened, Ebi fled. Below are photos of Ebi that were sent to me by the Walkers. Mrs. Walker told me that she tried to call animal control and that there was only a listing for the police, the police arrived and drove around with spotlights and could not find any sign of the monkey. I am sure that he was frightened by the commotion and hid.

The monkey was then spotted this morning at a golf course about two miles from the Walker's home and I was told by the Animal Control officer, Charlie Ordogne at the Sheriff's Department at Lafourch Parish in Raceland, that golfers chased him in a golf cart and into the swamp and by the time the officers arrived, there was no sign of Ebi.

When I spoke with Mr. Ordogne today I asked him what they would do with the monkey upon capture and he told me that although it was not illegal to own a monkey in the state of Louisiana, the monkey would not go back in the care of the Walker's. I offered our assistance and a placement for Ebi here at Jungle Friends when Ebi was captured. I faxed over one of our brochures, our USDA license and our Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission license. I also left the name and number of Janet Pippins of Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control in Louisiana who place a capuchin monkey in our care after he was confiscated due to charges of animal abuse July 31, 2001. He would not say what would become of Ebi if and when he was captured, I only hope that they will see their way clear to allow him to come and live out his life in peace here at Jungle Friends.

I fear for Ebi's life, it is going to be below freezing tonight in Louisiana with freezing rain. We anxiously await the call that will tell us of Ebi's safe capture so that we can make plans for him to come to live here at Jungle Friends where he will be cared for for the rest of his life and would be allowed the opportunity to interact with his own kind, we are told that Ebi has been species isolated all of his life and that is NO life for a monkey!

Thank you so much for all of your help and feel free to forward the information to anyone that you feel can help us with this poor frightened monkey. Please pray with us for his safety!

Lots of monkey love!
Kari and the monks