Jungle News: March 3, 2003

Dear friends of Jungle Friends,

Two of my dear friends, Murphy Brown and ET who are both tufted capuchins, are in desperate need of your healing thoughts and prayers.

Many of you met ET on Animal Planet with Sonya Fitzpatrick, the Pet Psychic. ET recovered from his tail-biting episode; however, we then noticed that he was not eating well and appeared to be losing weight. When we took him to the doctor, we learned that ET is suffering from metabolic bone disease: Fibrous osteodystrophy. His skull has many deformities, one of which has fused his jaw in place making it impossible for him to fully open or close his mouth. It is a mystery as to how ET has this disease; it can be caused by cancer, a pituitary tumor, poor diet, or renal disease.

Because ET's mouth has such a small opening now, we had to find alternate foods and ways to get his monkey biscuits into him. It was quite difficult finding foods that ET could and would eat. At first we tried liquid diets, compliments of Tree of Life, but he soon grew tired of these. Now ET is enjoying being hand fed soft yummy foods by our dedicated staff every two hours. He particularly loves his stew, compliments of Sharon. ET is being served quite a variety of delicious soft foods and is gobbling up just about everything that he is offered.

Last week Sonya Fitzpatrick, the Pet Psychic, called and told us that ET wanted ripe mashed up bananas, which we have been providing. We thank Sonya for offering her help to ET; she genuinely cares for ET, and will try to get back to JF to see ET personally as soon as possible.

Old Chi Chi seems to know that ET is not feeling well; she spends many hours grooming and caring for him. We have even found ET snuggled up to Jimmy Sr. Buddie also spends much of her day near ET comforting him. ET has a strong spirit and will to live, with his spirit and your prayers, we trust ET will survive this debilitating disease!

Many you may have read about Murphy Brown in our last 'Monkey Business' newsletter. Murphy was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago and Murphy's human mom, Shelly, had searched hopelessly for help for her darling Murphy, to no avail--until her friend Karen found Buddie's and Connie's stories on the JF web site. Murphy plans to move to Jungle Friends and join a group of the JF tufted capuchin monkeys to have her diabetes treated and brought under control.

While Nicole and I were in Los Angeles last week (where Shelly had arranged for us to give a presentation on the Born to be Wild project) we visited with Murphy, who had been attacked by bees only a few days earlier. We went with Shelly to a new veterinarian, and he found that not only was Murphy's blood glucose nearing 600, but Murphy was in renal failure! Murphy is now on insulin therapy, getting fluids and medication as needed, and Shelly is doing her best to flush out her kidneys. Shelly has been contacting me daily with updates on Murphy, and today Murphy was eating better and seemed to be in much better spirits. We hope that her kidneys were not compromised beyond repair and we pray that Murphy will get better so that she can move to Jungle Friends and meet Little Lou, Connie, Buddie, Tyler, Iris and Gizzy.

We have had many miracles here at Jungle Friends, so we are expecting miracles for ET and Murphy Brown! Please remember ET and Murphy in your prayers and send healing energy to these wonderful souls.

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks