Jungle News: July 4, 2003

Three New Arrivals

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

Recently, Jungle Friends took in three new arrivals. Two of these monkeys, Sarah and Anna Claire, were diagnosed with untreated diabetes. The third monkey, Katie Scarlett, is blind and suffers from hypoglycemia.

A few weeks back the owner of these monkeys, Sharon, called Jungle Friends and asked for help. Katie Scarlett had just attacked and bitten Sarah! Katie Scarlett became frightened and disoriented after the fight, ran into a wall and was knocked unconscious. Sharon needed help separating them, catching them and getting them to the vet for medical attention. We went to her home to help with the monkeys and got them to the vet for treatment. Sarah's wounds were stitched and Katie Scarlett was treated for a concussion. It was also noted that Sarah, along with being diabetic, had very high ketones, usually a result of untreated diabetes / high blood glucose / stress.

The diabetic monkeys may need insulin injections, but Sharon simply could not physically do what it would take to accomplish this. These monkeys are unhandleable and Sharon had no one to help her. Sharon is also going through bankruptcy and her home is being foreclosed upon. Well, what could we do?? You guessed it; we offered a home to Sarah, Anna Claire and Katie Scarlett. Sharon, although she loves her girls with all her heart, knew that they needed the specialized care that she just could not give them.

Sarah, Anna Claire and Katie Scarlett have settled in better than anyone expected. You would think that little Katie Scarlett, who is blind, had lived here all her life. Sharon calls every evening to inquire about her girls and comes to visit every other day, bringing special treats for the human primates, as well. You always know when Sharon has arrived; you can hear her girls scream with delight when she approaches.

This entire story will air on cable in the near future. We hope that this account will deter others from purchasing monkeys as 'pets'. We will keep you posted.

Due to the failing economy, many of our donors have dropped off over the past couple of years. If you, or anyone you know, could join our Sponsor-A-Monkey (S-A-M) program to sponsor Sarah, Anna Claire or Katie Scarlett, we would be very grateful!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

P.S. You can read "Sharon's Story" in the next issue of our quarterly printed newsletter, Monkey Business. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be added, please email your name and post office mailing address to info@junglefriends.org. We'd also love to hear how you learned about Jungle Friends.