Monkey Toy Guidelines


Monkey toys need to be very sturdy, not battery operated, and easy to clean and disinfect. Used toys are the best. You can get toys from families whose kids have outgrown them, and you can find some great toys at second hand stores and garage sales. People are often willing to donate their unsold items for the monkeys... especially if you offer to pick them up when the garage sale is over.

Ellie Mae

Remember that monkeys play rough! Their toys must be tough!

Good choices:

  • Swings and other large toys that can be hung in the monkey habitats to swing or climb on.
  • Old-fashioned activity centers with moveable parts.
  • Small toys they can carry in their hands or tails such as rattles. The 'rainstick' rattles are great favorites!
  • Large, hard balls to balance on and toss above their heads with their hands and feet.
  • Small cups...some of our "humanized" monkeys like to fill their cups from their automatic waterers and drink like proper ladies and gentlemen!

What to avoid:

  • No stuffed or cloth toys
  • No soft plastic or vinyl toys
  • Nothing that was battery operated
  • No small parts the monkeys could swallow
  • Nothing fragile or easily broken