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Friends and volunteers of Jungle Friends speak out

Kari Bagnall Mom's Memorial
Kari Bagnall Kari and Samantha
Lee Ward Starting a Sanctuary? Start with Jungle Friends
CJ Bain Loving Them To Death
Charlotte Doty-Kramer Interning at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
Michael McCudden An Irish Intern
Michael Budkie A Haven for Primates
Jim Willis From the Animal's Perspective
Lee Ward A Tale of Six Monkeys...
Michelle Herndon What Jungle Friends has contributed to me
Amanda Volunteering is about Respect
Mary Parshall It Ain't Just about Monkeys
Libby How can I become a volunteer?
Michael Rice My First Visit to Jungle Friends
Janet Alexander The Rescue of Rita
Sharon Cameron My Precious Monkeys
Barbara Cox A Primate Friendship - Cappy and Me
Christine M. Orman, Ph.D. A Promise I Made for Primates
Reidun Daily Monkeys On My Doorstep
Stacey Hodder Opportunities at Jungle Friends
John Puffer Keeper-in-training
Susan Burgess My Dream Come True
Shelly Ladd The Adventure of Murphy Brown continues...
Lisa Barnes A Big Thank You

Jungle Friends Romance

Goober Meets Fiona
It was love at first sight for Fiona...she knew what she wanted and she wanted Goober!