Matching Gifts

Did you know 65% of large companies in the U.S.
match employee donations?

Donation Matching Gifts

Double Your Donation Dollars!

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Many companies have a Matching Gift Program through which they will match employee donations dollar-for-dollar. Check with your company’s Human Resources, Corporate Giving Department, or try searching here and see if your donations to Jungle Friends will be matched by your employer. Obtain a Matching Gift form from your employer, complete your portion, and send the entire form to Jungle Friends at the above mailing address. We'll take care of the rest!

Click here to see check if your employer matches gifts!

Volunteer-hour Matching Gifts

Earn Donation Dollars For Your Volunteer Work!

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If you would like to volunteer with Jungle Friends, your company may also provide matching dollars for every hour of service you perform for us. Check with your company to see if your volunteer service hours will be matched by your employer.
If you are interested in volunteering with Jungle Friends, please visit our Volunteering page to learn more.

How do gift matching programs work?

The process for matching gifts is simple and standardized. It can be broken down into four steps:

    1Employee makes initial donation
    2Employee submits matching gift request to employer
    3. Employer confirms eligibility of donor, donation, and the nonprofit organization
    4. Nonprofit receives a check!

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