Planned Giving

Samantha and Charlotte

Most of the monkeys at Jungle Friends have sacrificed enormously... they have given a large part of their lives serving as subjects in research for the benefit of humans. Giving some of their life back to them is Jungle Friends' primary mission -- we intend to be here to provide homes to monkeys in need, for as long as necessary.

One of the most profound ways you can help is by arranging a bequest to the sanctuary in your estate planning.

Many of the monkeys cared for by Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary have a potential lifespan of 50 years. Careful planning and thoughtful giving goes a long way to secure their future. There are several ways those who wish to contribute can support the sanctuary and at the same time receive substantial deductions for income and estate tax purposes. Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Donations of Appreciated Stock

A donation of highly appreciated stock, rather than cash, benefits both the donor and Jungle Friends. Normally, at the time of sale of such stock, a capital gains tax would be paid on the sale. However, by making a contribution of appreciated stock, the donor receives a charitable deduction on the transfer. Since the sanctuary is a public charity, it would not recognize tax on the sale of the stock, and the full value of the stock can be used to support the sanctuary's activities.

Donations Under a Will or a Trust

Some donors have told us that they’d like to provide a substantial donation to the sanctuary but need to maintain control of their assets during their lifetimes. In these cases, they can provide for the care of the sanctuary's primates in their wills or in trusts. It’s never too early or too late to plan an estate. When you do, we hope you will remember the monkeys. Jungle Friends can only receive a donation from an estate if it is specifically named in the estate planning documents.

Charitable Trusts and Private Foundations

Another method of benefiting the sanctuary is through the establishment of a charitable trust or a private foundation. Charitable Lead Trusts and Charitable Remainder Trusts are advanced forms of estate planning, which can provide substantial benefits to both the donor and the sanctuary.

Endowment Fund

A special fund has been set up for the specific purpose of building an endowment for the future care of the monkeys at the sanctuary who might live another 50 years or more. Any donations of money or stock can be specifically directed by the donor to be held in the sanctuary’s endowment fund. These monies will not be touched for operations, but will grow in the endowment account and provide interest funds for future care of our monkeys.

These monies will not be touched for operations, but will grow in the endowment account and provide interest funds for future care of our monkeys. Please help us support the 300+ monkeys for the rest of their lives!

For more information about any of these options, read Samantha's Legacy or Contact Us.