Research Retirement Fund

From the Laboratory to a New Life...

Over the years, Jungle Friends has been asked to take in hundreds of monkeys from research laboratories. Many of these monkeys were born in the wild, captured for research, and lived for decades in small cages. Others were born in captivity and have never been outside. They have sacrificed for research that benefits humans, and we believe in giving them a life as close to natural as possible for the remainder of their days. Every day, more and more of the laboratories using monkeys in research are proving that they agree with us. So many, in fact, that we have recently doubled in size to accommodate a large group of cotton-top tamarins retiring from research at a major university that is helping fund their retirement. We are extremely happy with this trend of retiring the monkeys from research, but not all of the labs provide funding and there is never enough for unforeseen circumstances. We need your help!

Please help us offer a safe haven to these monkeys who have had so little. Donate to our Research Retirement Fund today.

Meet the monkeys currently living at Jungle Friends who have retired from Research

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