On January 6, 2016 the eight remaining capuchin monkeys in the iron-toxicity studies were finally retired. See photos from thier arrival here. Thanks to you, we met our $50,000 match from an anonymous donor and with those funds we have started building their new beautiful, spacious, living habitats! Life in captivity can never match life in the wild, but we provide the monkeys with a safe, forever home that is as natural as possible. These boys will live an "Almost Wild" life, in peace at Jungle Friends. 

Meet the new Ironmen

Bocefus is the alpha and the largest monkey in the group, with a personality as big as his belly! Booger can be very dominant, but he is the most gentle when receiving special treats from his caregivers. Catman is the oldest and has a calming presence on the group. Chewy is a gentle soul who was captured from the wild, we know he will enjoy spending his golden years back in nature with his monkey friends. 

Einstein is very clever, living up to his name. He keeps active throughout the day, carefully inspecting his surroundings. Golden Child is one of the oldest of the group, and is very submissive. He is always happy to see his caregivers arrive with his favorite treats, peanuts and grapes. Link is the youngest of the group and the most cautious, and as you can see, very handsome.

This spring, these monkeys will not only be introduced to a larger life with sunshine, wind, trees and flowers, they will be reunited with the other Ironmen who have been released over the past ten years! 

Because of you, we were able to offer a sanctuary home to the monkeys Kari, our founder, met at the lab over 16 years ago! At that time, Kari was told that the studies were terminal and the monkeys would not get out, you can imagine her happiness when she was informed back in 2005 that the monkeys could all retire – one day. It has been long in the making, but with our dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters, we did it! Every monkey in that study has been released to Jungle Friends!