University of Georgia Research Retirees

These seven monkeys from the University of Georgia (UGA) arrived in June 2014 after months of planning. UGA has proven to be a role model for other universities by contributing and helping us to raise funds for the monkeys' ongoing care. Together we have raised funds to build the monkeys' habitats, including the purchase of a new property next door on which to build them. These boys can expect to have more than 20 years at Jungle Friends. Won't you donate to set them up for life?
Get more details in our proposal.

In this video Dorothy Fragaszy talks about the UGA Retirement Plan.
You will also see the UGA Boys at work in the lab.

Read the press release from UGA


Videos of the UGA Monkeys

Releasing UGA Boys New Habitats VideoUGA Boys in their lab cages ready for release!

You will see the monkeys in the lab cages they had lived in all their lives on the day they were released into their large outdoor habitats.

Out of their Lab CagesOut of their Lab Cages

Watch to see exactly how we moved the UGA boys from their lab cages to go to their new outdoor habitats!

Leo Rides on a Golf Cart to His New HabitatLeo Rides on a Golf Cart to His New Habitat

Leo takes a ride from the Bob Barker Medical Clinic to his brand new outdoor habitat!

Xenon is Released Into His New HabitatXenon is Released Into His New Habitat

Watch as we release Xenon from the small carrier, into the runway that leads to his new habitat.

Chris is Released Into His New HabitatChris is Released Into His New Habitat

Watch Chris as he runs down the runway into his new habitat!

Xavier Touches Grass for the First TimeXavier Touches Grass for the First Time

Xavier has never felt grass beneath his feet, and he is not so sure about it.

Job and XavierJob and Xavier

Job is Xavier's nephew and they are both having a great time in their new outdoor habitat!

Xavier Discovers Grass and BambooXavier Discovers Grass and Bamboo

The UGA boys are not sure what to make of grass and bamboo at first.

Job, the Next DayJob, the Next Day

Job was very curious the next morning.

Nick Enjoys Ginger PlantsNick Enjoys Ginger Plants

Nick wasted no time in enjoying the plant life at the sanctuary.

Job Eats Peanut Butter and JellyJob Eats Peanut Butter and Jelly

Job, and all the monkeys love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Job Eats a Peach, Xavier Makes Good Food SoundsJob Eats a Peach, Xavier Makes Good Food Sounds

Job and Xavier are two of our best eaters, and Xavier makes sure everyone hears about it!

Xavier Makes Good Food SoundsXavier Makes Good Food Sounds

Xavier loves the food and he makes sure everyone hears about it!