Wooster College Monkeys

Wooster monkeys

We're making a monkey family reunion happen! Jungle Friends residents Pip and Zeke are going to be reunited with their father Alex, their Aunt Jake, and lifetime "family friend" Aunt Gizmo in the summer of 2014. All five monkeys were together in a behavioral research lab at Wooster College in Ohio before Pip and Zeke came to Jungle Friends in 2012. Now Alex, Jake and Gizmo are being released from research, and of course they are coming here!

Pip and Zeke already live together in one habitat, and we’re planning to put the rest of the family right next door. We’re asking for your help to raise the $7,000 needed to build a new habitat big enough for the three new family members, and hopefully accommodate all five in the future.

We are so excited that universities like Wooster College are going public and letting the world know that they are caring for their monkeys after their release. It's a new trend and we hope it continues.

Please donate to the Research Retirement Fund or sponsor one of the Wooster monkeys.

Read the Wooster Campaign letter.

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Pip and Zeke foraging outdoors and Gizmo indoors