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Aug 3, 2008 - New Arrivals and Upcoming Events

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,


It's been a whirlwind of activity at the sanctuary! No sooner had the ten tamarins arrived (and they're all doing great!), than it was a rush to prepare for still more monkeys! Two baby brown capuchins, Jak and Abby, arrived on August 2, and a marmoset, Noah, is due tomorrow!

The first chance Kari has to grab a little computer time - when we get all these new kids settled in - she'll tell you all about them. In the meantime, she sends apologies for being so far behind in her email correspondence, and wants to let you all know about a couple of upcoming events.

Samantha and Charlotte create a masterpiece.For those of you in the Tallahassee area (and those who would like to visit), we have a monkey art exhibit coming up at Light N Up Art Co-op & Studios in Havana, Florida. The monkeys are now hard at play, creating some wild new paintings to please their admiring fans.

There will be an opening night reception on October 11, so mark your calendars and join us for the fun. See the flyer below for more information!

Animal Rights 2008And one more reminder the Animal Rights 2008 National Conference in Washington DC is coming up fast: August 14-18. Kari will be speaking at two sessions on Saturday, Running a Sanctuary at 10:00 am, and Trade in Exotic Animals at 4:30 pm. At 3:00 pm will be showing the ABC Primetime segment that aired recently. Hope to see some of you in Washington!

I am happy to share that Kari was recently recognized by the National Interfaith Council as recipient of their Beacon of Light award. The Council's founder, Reverend Paula Webb, offered these moving words in tribute:

"Your tireless, loving, compassionate energies have brought such light and love to all those beautiful creatures in your care, that as Founder of the NIC, I honor you and your staff for all that you do."

We are honored indeed to receive this beautiful award, and wish to recognize in turn our many supporters, whose loving donations and efforts have made all of this possible. Many thanks to Reverend Paula, the National Interfaith Council, and to all of you for your generous help and support.

Monkey hugs,

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