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August 17, 2007 - New monkey arrivals and updates

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

Since I last wrote, we have had several new monkey arrivals:

Marmoset shipping crate
A box of monkeys!

Mitzi, Zima and Fala are three female marmosets who were retired from a California university and shipped to Jungle Friends for permanent sanctuary care.

Mitzi and Zima
Mitzi (left) and Zima (right).
Fala (above) is very shy.

We picked the girls up at the airport in Orlando last Saturday and situated them next to our bachelors to see who was interested in whom. Chachi and Mitzi were chattering to each other from the moment their eyes met; it was love at first sight, so we introduced them first on Monday. Chachi is the most playful of our boys and Mitzi is the most outgoing of the three girls, so that worked out very well!

Mitzi outdoors
Mitzi is released in the outdoor habitat.
Chachi grooms Mitzi
Chachi invites Mitzi into his hammock
and grooms her.

Miko and Zima were also chattering back and forth to each other. Miko was so enthralled with Zima he was having his way with one of his toys! When they finally met "up close and personal" you could tell they were meant for each other! Within the hour, Miko was grooming Zima and a "love connection" was made ;-)!

Zima in runway
Zima heads inside via the runway.
Miko in runway
Miko stands in front of her as her protector.
Zima and Miko
Miko tries to coax Zima outside;
she decides to stay in for now.

We plan to introduce Fala to Mojo over the next few days. Fala is very shy, so we want to give her plenty of time to get settled in before she meets Mojo.

Many thanks to Ahimsa Foundation and National Anti-Vivisection Society for funding the habitats for the bachelorettes, and a special thanks to Sian for paying transportation costs. All three girls need sponsors!

More newcomers...

Louis Louis, a young weeper capuchin, joined our clan in July; he was an emergency rescue from an abusive situation. Click his photo to learn more about his wild ways and make a donation toward Lou's habitat.

Noah, a three-year-old spider monkey, also arrived recently. Click Noah's photo to learn more about his troubled past.

Monkey Business Updates

The Animal Rights 2007 Conference in Los Angeles went very well. We met loads of wonderful people who stopped by our display table and attended my presentations.

More conference news...
Kari speaking at AR2007
Jungle Friends booth

Our new mobile home, the gift of an anonymous donor, arrived yesterday!!

Out with the old...
The old mobile home
In with the new!
The new mobile home arrives

Caregivers watch the delivery of their new home.The new Caregiver's quarters is only seven years old, with lots of room. Our caregivers can hardly wait to move in!

Unfortunately, we have only raised $3,050 so far, not even half of the $7,100 needed to cover the permits, the move, hook ups, tile and paint -- yikes! So we've had to borrow from Peter to pay Paul. If anyone would like to help us repay Peter, please send a donation right away; we will sure appreciate it! Or if someone could just send us the remaining $4,050, that would be even better J!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks