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August 17, 2011 - It just keeps getting better!


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Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

Project Nim is really taking off! Tickets are selling and our supporters are traveling across the country to Gainesville for this momentous occasion!

I have great news, not only will Bob Ingersoll be here, so will Elizabeth Hess! Elizabeth wrote the book Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human, the film Project Nim is based on this book!

Elizabeth will be on hand all weekend signing her books and when she is not signing books, she will be helping us with the monkeys at Jungle Friends.

So, please let me know how many books you would like, and I will order them and make sure they are here for you for Elizabeth and Bob to sign! Wow, Elizabeth and Bob at Jungle Friends, we are very fortunante!

We are planning for a sell-out, so please purchase your tickets for Project Nim now! Especailly if you are traveling a distance to see the film. You can also purchase your tickets for the VIP Jungle Jamboree now.

Mimi has been very busy with her monkey artists preparing for the big event. Jak Jak and Abby created a beautiful work of art.

Everyone who is anyone will be at this most important event. Please join me, Bob, Elizabeth and all of our 'Monkey People' at the VIP Jungle Jamboree!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks