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August 30, 2009 - Viva Las Vegas! and a broken wrist mystery...

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

Calling all party animals! Are you ready to pack your bags and head for Vegas? The "Monkey Biz - Las Vegas" Art Exhibit and Fundraiser is right around the corner!

Join us in Las Vegas
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What a perfect excuse to plan a weekend in Vegas - just do it for the monkeys you love! Mark your calendars for September 25 & 26, and make plans now to go wild at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. For more details and to order tickets for the VIP Friday night events (cocktail party, dinner and after party), visit the Monkey Biz Eventbrite page. On Saturday, the Monkey Art Exhibit is open to the public at no charge from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm... donations welcome, of course!

We also need your help gathering things for the silent auction and raffles at the event. If you have any items you would like to offer, we would surely appreciate it! Please ship auction/raffle contributions to:

Susan Schneider
Vegas Girl Wigs
7545 Dallas Court
Las Vegas, NV 89139

Kari's Cast
I just need a few more fingers... or a tail!

You might be wondering now why it's been so long since your last Jungle News... and why Kari isn't writing to you herself. Well, that's partly because of all the work and planning and painting for the Vegas event... partly because she's learned about Facebook (and wants you to be her friend!)... and partly because the bright purple cast on her arm makes it really hard to type! I'm sorry to tell you, our founder and fearless leader has broken her wrist. Ouch!

And how did that happen, you're now wondering? Well, you might have heard that Kari lost her grip while brachiating through Thunderdome with Goldie. Nope, that's not it. Or could it be that she fell out of a tree while playing chase with Clyde? Nope, guess again.

Goldie hangs out in Thunderdome
without Kari.
Clyde up a tree...
without Kari

Hmm, it seems the rumors are a lot more interesting than the real story, so why spoil the mystery? I'm inviting you to play along...

The Jungle Friends Monkey Tales Best Rumor Contest

Kari's Cast Question Mark

How did Kari break her wrist? Send us YOUR version of this wrist-ery mystery (see the next newsletter for the results). The best rumor wins a beautiful original monkey artwork, painted just for you. Not to mention fame and glory on the Jungle Friends website and Facebook pages!

Note: The decision of the judges will be fair, impartial and not influenced by bribery... but feel free to accompany your submission with a substantial donation to help the Jungle Friends monkeys donate now.

Speaking of Facebook again... well, it keeps coming up because it's such a quick and easy way for Kari to share all the monkey news, videos, photos and more. So be sure to join the Jungle Friends Cause and Fan Page - see the links below. We WILL get a monkey-filled Jungle News out soon - but why wait? Jump on Facebook now for a quick monkey fix. You might even learn how Kari broke her wrist!

Monkey hugs,

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