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December 30, 2010 - Baby monkeys, marmoset romance, new film, and more

Baby monkeys at Jungle Friends

Monkers and the babyMonkers is just a child herself, but she has become a wonderful foster mother to the baby capuchin who arrived with her and an older baby, Zumie, in October. These three young monkeys are having a great time growing up at Jungle Friends.

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Marmoset matchmaking... Hello, Peanut!

PeanutThe new girl in the village has our marmie bachelors sitting up and taking notice. After nearly a year on the waiting list, Peanut arrived at her new home in Jungle Friends’ “Marmoset Village” on Nov. 26, 2010, and now she's playing the dating game.

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Sanctuary Film brings Jungle Friends to the big screen.

ARME filming at Jungle FriendsAward-winning documentary filmmaker Shannon Keith is focusing her camera's lens on the world of Sanctuary monkeys. Her latest production, featuring the Jungle Friends monkeys, is currently in production.

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Incredible Intern

Mimi with ZumieMeet Mimi, Jungle Friends' new caregiver apprentice. She's taken on everything from cleaning habitats to building habitats, from bottle feeding the baby monkeys to preparing diets for over a hundred more! The monkeys love Mimi and so do we!

Valuable Volunteers!

Jennifer started volunteering at Jungle Friends back in 2003 and has been one of our most consistent supporters, driving all the way from Tampa to help the monkeys. In 2011, Jen will also be helping us launch our new volunteer program.

Baby Monkeys in Action

Baby and Monkers
Monkers and the Baby...
even grass is interesting!

Baby surveys the habitat
from the runway.

Monkers is ready for a nap in her hammock...
...but Baby is ready for action.
Ready... set...
Time for a snack.

Life at Jungle Friends is full of interesting dining options...

Baby enjoys dining ‘al fresco’...

Baby eating

He can round out the meal with a little bark...

Baby eating bark

Or a sampling of the very best dirt.


Zumie knows what’s good...


Pick-and-eat bamboo is a monkey delicacy.

All in a Day's Play

These branches are great for climbing.


... or hanging!


New toy!


Marmoset Matchmaking…

Hello, Peanut!

PeanutThe new girl in the village has our marmie bachelors sitting up and taking notice. After nearly a year on the waiting list, Peanut arrived at her new home in Jungle Friends’ “Marmoset Village” on Nov. 26, 2010. She found the runway to her indoor enclosure with ease, and was soon running in and out, climbing the trees, balancing on the ropes and flirting with MoMo, Giz and old Arnold!

Marmosets naturally live in male-female pairs. However, the gender balance at Jungle Friends remains heavy on the boys’ side. The sanctuary is full to bursting, but when we hear of a tiny damsel in distress, like Peanut, we do what we can to provide sanctuary… and a chance for romance.

After Peanut got the boys' attention, the next round of the dating game began… meeting the bachelors in monitored socializations.

There were four eligible bachelors in the contest. However, Bachelor number 1, MoJo, showed no interest, leaving the other three vying for the lady's favor. Arnold clearly thought she was the cat’s meow, and Momo constantly posed for her, show off his amazing physique. But it was Giz who won her over with his boyish charms.

Giz is a 19-month-old marmoset who arrived last June after being confiscated in Kentucky. Giz waited for 5 long months for an eligible bachelorette before Peanut came on the scene in all her glory.

The socialization between Giz and Peanut was a rousing a success! They immediately started playing and grooming one another.

Peanut and Giz share a hammockIn between games of chase, the two young marmosets have been enjoying the sun before it gets too cold, stretching out along the runways side by side and soaking up those rays.

Peanut even gave up her blanket to make room for Gizmo in her bed. 4:00 pm is cuddle time.

The young couple has not yet decided whose enclosure they will finally call home, The dating game is done, but the scent marking game has just begun.

Marmoset Village is full of lovebirds.
Previous rounds of Marmoset Matchmaking introduced these happy couples...

Isabelle & Dodger 

Isabelle & Dodger

Little Dodger

Bessie & Tiki



Mela & Ernie

Ernie Keebler

Peanut and Giz... the videos

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