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December 5, 2008 - Upcoming Events

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

In the Thanksgiving edition of Jungle News, I forgot to mention a few exciting things. We have several upcoming fundraising events; please mark these on your calendar so you can join us!

Saturday, December 6, Jungle Friends is participating in the Tioga Town Center Holiday Bazaar in the town center plaza near Jonesville, Florida. We will have monkey art and other fun merchandise. There will be many other local vendors there as well, so come out and find some unique gifts for holiday presents this year!

We have been invited by the Artisans' Guild Gallery in Gainesville, Florida to be one of the featured artists for the month of February. There will be an opening night reception and the exhibit will run through the month of February. If you live in Gainesville or the surrounding area, please try to join us for the reception. This is an awesome opportunity for Jungle Friends to become more widely known in Gainesville and it would be great to have people there who consistently support us.

Havana monkey art exhibit
Art exhibit at Light-N-Up in Havana, FL through Dec. 28

Once again, Donna Hansell has done it! March 16, 2009 will open another art exhibit at the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science in Tallahassee, Florida. Hopefully the second will be even more successful than the first! More details on this to come, but mark March 16on your calendars and come out and support Donna and Jungle Friends.

And don't forget that the exhibit at Light-N-Up Art Co-Op and Studios in Havana, Florida is continuing through December. 28 - another opportunity to stock up on monkey art and other Jungle Friends goodies in the Tallahassee area. Sadly, our friends at Light-N-Up will be closing their doors, so they will also be having a liquidation sale--lots of shopping bargains on everything from merchandise to fixtures! There will be a farewell party on Sunday, December 28 from 4-6, and Donna will be there too, to tell you more about the Jungle Friends monkeys.

tessaJungle Friends' segment on National Geographic's Wild Chronicles will air on PBS the week of January 4th-10th. Check your local PBS station for times in your area. It follows the journey of Tessa, an ex-pet brown capuchin monkey who had life-threatening diabetes before she arrived at Jungle Friends. It also explains how captive-bred 'pet' monkeys have a disadvantage over monkeys born in the wild. Visit our website to learn more about Tessa and see the video of her first monkey kiss: Brown Capuchin Romance

Thank you to everyone who has stepped forward to do monkey art shows for Jungle Friends! They are a lot of fun and you get to meet and network with a lot of great people! For those of you who do not have a lot of time to help us fundraise, we have an easy solution for you! This holiday season, inside your holiday cards, include a Jungle Friends donation form. How easy can it get? Click Monkey Art and Gifts to order cards, and send the Sponsor-A-Monkey form. Slide them in along with your holiday card and you may be surprised by how many people will support your cause!

Some of our monkey sponsors have asked us to make a CD with our holiday card, newsletter, brochure and donation form so they can print everything themselves. If this sounds like something you want to do, we will make you a CD with our holiday card on it. This way, you can customize the card and print everything you need to include. Several of our supporters are printing brochures to put at their veterinarian's office and local pet food stores. Of course, packets of holiday cards are also available from our website at Monkey Art and Gifts.

Holiday cards

2009 calendars

Don't forget to order your 2009 monkey calendars! There are a lot of great photos of the Jungle Friends monkeys and they make great gifts! Go to Monkey Art and Gifts to order yours today!

Kids! Our Kids for Monkeys page is beginning to form! Click here … to read about James and Wesley Cross, our special volunteers from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Kenzie Davis, who traveled a LONG way to come to Jungle Friends. Or read about Phoebe, who had a funky monkey party to raise money for Jungle Friends and sponsored Joni, a disabled capuchin monkey. You can be up in our Hall of Fame too! Do something to help Jungle Friends and we will make sure your face gets up on Kids for Monkeys so you can show your friends and family what great work you are doing for your cause!

Happy Holidays,

Lily and Tabitha's completed masterpiece! Go to Monkey Art with Shauna to see them create it!