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Ebi, Ozzie Updates & Marmosets Galore!

April 27, 2010

Ebi Is Back on His Feet!

Ebi It's hard to convince a monkey to keep still and allow time for an injury to heal. That was one of our big worries in deciding how to treat Ebi's dislocated hip. But we were determined to give Ebi the chance to keep his leg and reunite him with his buddy, Mickey. Click here for the full story of Ebi's recovery.

Ozzie's Road to Recovery

OzzieLife as a three-legged dog was taking its toll on Ozzie. Hip dysplasia, joint degeneration and back strain. it looked like poor Oz was facing a future of pain and increasing immobility. Now, with innovative treatments and the efforts of many caring Ozzie fans, "the best dog in the world" has a new lease on life. Get the scoop on Ozzie's hydrotherapy, acupuncture and Doggon' Wheels.

Marmosets and more marmosets!

Marmosets The four marmosets who arrived at Jungle Friends in November are making themselves right at home. Kinko, Katie, Buttons and Zipper are now safe from the abuse of the exotic pet trade. They get to
live the good life at Jungle Friends! Learn more ยป

Volunteers to Vegans

Molly doesn't eat meat. Be like Molly for a more compassionate world! Learn about our Volunteers to Vegans initiative.

Donate Sidebar (Short)

Jungle Friends' ability to do this charitable work and provide a safe haven for our resident monkeys, as well as doing educational outreach and assisting with the rescuing for any monkeys in crisis situations, depends solely upon donations.