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February 11, 2008 - You have entered the Birthday Zone!

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

It's birthday time again at Jungle Friends! Now that February has rolled in, we're officially in the 'birthday zone' counting down to Kari's birthday on February 24th!

In 2007, Jungle Friends provided a safe sanctuary home for 21 more monkeys, and still more monkeys will be released to Jungle Friends from another lab very soon. So, Kari has lots to celebrate on her birthday this year, and lots more work to look forward to in 2008!

Once again, on the top of Kari's birthday wish list is more tools and supplies to keep everyone busy working for the monkeys. She's also noticed that the toy box is getting a bit low. The monkeys would love to have some new toys to shake, rattle and roll. So if you'd like to help us keep the people working and the monkeys playing, check out the registry and wish-list links below, and visit the Birthday Zone on our website for hints on monkey toys. Or, make a donation for toys and we'll send our volunteers shopping on your behalf.

Gift Registries

Jungle Friends registry at Home Depot:
The Home Depot
(Or, search 'gift registry' at www.homedepot.com and enter
First name: Jungle Friends, Last name: Primate Sanctuary)

Jungle Friends registry at Lowe's:

(Or, search 'gift registry' at www.lowes.com and
enter First name: Jungle, Last name: Friends)

(Note: The original links to Lowe's and Home Depot are no longer in service.
But please consider our Wish List, Thank You.)

Wish List

Jungle Friends Wish List Gifts for the Monks

Another option for the monkeys' fun and enrichment is a gift of their favorite edible toy: mixed nuts in the shell. One good source for nuts is Nuts.com

More Monkey News

If you're wondering how old Kari will be on the 24th... well, I'm not going to tell you, but you will find a clue in this article about Jungle Friends that was recently featured in the Tallahassee Democrat. Thanks so much to Kathleen for coming out to get to know us and writing such a wonderful story!

Welcome to the Monkey House and A Magnet for Monkey Lovers by Kathleen Laufenberg.

Also check out the photo gallery of gorgeous Jungle Friends pictures from Tallahassee Democrat photographer Glenn Beil. (Note: Unfortunately that link is no longer in service.)

Thank you all for caring about Jungle Friends and the monkeys!

Monkey hugs,