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February 18, 2007 - What do you get for a lady with 80 monkeys?

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

It's birthday zone at the sanctuary! Kari's birthday on February 24 gives us all an excuse to sing, dance and celebrate. Some of you have been asking for gift ideas, so we wanted to share this tip- while she does love her monkey pajamas and monkey socks, nothing makes Kari so happy as having a well-equipped crew of care-staff and volunteers hard at work for the monkeys. So this year, tools and equipment are at the top of the birthday wish list.

To make shopping for Kari and the monks a little easier, we've set up an online gift list at Home Depot- you can use this link:
or search the online gift registry for last name "Friends" at -- . (Those links are no longer in service, but you can still Donate Here)

We've also updated the Wish List on our website. And, of course, gift cards from Lowe's or Home Depot also make great gifts!

Thank you for supporting the monkeys!

Monkey hugs,

P.S. Stay tuned for more news on Elvis- coming soon!

CJ Bain
Office Manager