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February 22, 2008 - Buddy Boy, Pat & Travis, Birthday Plans!

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

More about Buddy Boy

Buddy BoyYesterday I learned from Dr. Meegan that the preliminary necropsy report indicated that Buddy Boy died of heart disease, just as she believed. Buddy had multiple valves leaking, backing up blood into his lungs, liver and abdomen. I am thankful that he died quickly when his body gave out, and did not linger on in pain. When Buddy Boy comes home, we will have a ceremony for him and sprinkle his ashes in what we call the 'Magical Forest' here at Jungle Friends.

I would like to share one of the many beautiful messages I have received. Kim, a cherished volunteer and donor, wrote:

Buddy was such a sweet little soul, and I had the pleasure of feeding him a treat or two and was amazed at the way he made his way around his squirrel habitat. He was always so gentle. I'm thankful that I had the gift of interacting with him and appreciating the little miracle that he was.

I know you have a hole in your heart today. I will keep you and everyone at Jungle Friends -- humans and monks -- in my prayers.

I have visions of Buddy Boy being back in the jungle with his mama and his family now. He can see! And there's no limit to all the places his little arms and legs can carry him. He's whole again, yet still close by. And while he could never talk in words, I know in my heart that Buddy appreciated being able to spend his final years in a place filled with love and sunshine. I'm sure he will come to see you and watch over you and his friends at Jungle Friends. I know you will able to feel his spirit close by.

Bless you for all you do everyday for these very special, wonderful creatures.

I do love you all, and you are in my heart today.

Spider monkey update

Travis Pat

Travis and Pat are now living together and doing just great! Although it's not a whirlwind romance, they are very curious about one another; they pass each other in the runway, sit side by side, and for the last two nights they both slept in the indoor enclosure. We haven't observed any grooming or playing yet, but we believe there will be more and more interaction over time.

Birthday already?!?!

We had originally intended to throw a big birthday bash on the 24th, but with all that has been happening time got away from us before we could make big plans! However, we are going to have a vegetarian potluck here at the sanctuary about 4 pm on Sunday, so if anyone would like to come out and meet the monkeys, meet our wonderful staff and have some food, please email me to let me know. And remember, we are registered at Lowe's and Home Depot for some great birthday present ideas to help us help the monkeys. And of course gift cards are always great, and if you are in a real pinch, just bring your checkbook:! (please see Gifts for the Monkeys, Thank You)

Wanda enjoys her activity centerI want to thank those of you who have already sent your great gifts. WOW, monkey toys, nuts in the shell, ping-pong balls (aka Jimmy Sr. missiles), hot water heater, tools?thank you sooooo much for everything! It means a great deal to us and to the monkeys in our care.

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks