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Jungle Jamboree was a huge success!

September 30, 2011

Is it Friday already? A whole week has gone by and yet we are still filled with excitement and wonderment of the VIP Jungle Jamboree fundraiser held at the Hippodrome in downtown Gainesville. This event was held in conjunction with the Gainesville premiere of the documentary movie "Project Nim" by Oscar-winning director Jim Marsh.


FalitzElizabeth Hess, the author of "Nim Chimpsky, The Chimp who Would be Human," from which the documentary was based, graced us with her presence and offered her insights into her book. Also in attendance were Bob Ingersoll and Renee Falitz who were part of the team of researchers involved in Nim's education and care, and featured in the movie. Bob is considered the "Hero" as he was instrumental in rescuing Nim from a research lab. Renee taught him sign language during his formative years. Their love and concern for Nim became evident as we listened to their interviews and discussions about him.

Very entertaining and thought-provoking, the documentary followed Nim on his journey through human culture. His story was told with a mixture of amusing, heartwarming, appalling and heartbreaking situations during that journey. Tears were flowing freely at the showing.

Art by Anna ClaireOn the lighter side of the fundraiser, the event raised more than $3000 toward the Expansion Project. And over 10 monkey paintings were sold during the week for another $750. Please donate as you can for our expansion.

Many thanks go out to all the volunteers who helped with the Jungle Jamboree, particularly Mary Anne and Jeff who hung monkey photos and art in the Hippodrome reception area. David Tran's Loving Hut generously donated the delicious food enjoyed by the attendees. Thank you, Tim Gier, for conducting the interviews and helping Kari with the auction. And Larry Coyne who manned the video cameras. And he says a video is coming soon!!

Kari and Tim auctioning off monkey artPrior to the showing of the documentary, Kari Bagnall and Tim Gier auctioned off several monkey art pieces to the audience. Several successful bidders included Jessica Wittmore, Bob Ingersoll, Sara Weaver, Jeff Norris and others. Barry Manin won the massage session donated by Roger Hoover.

Shira, Mimi and BrittanyA fun time was had by all.  Kari Bagnall told everyone, "Let's do this again next year!!" We hope to see you here next year. 

Kair auctioning artworkPicking raffle ticket winners

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