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More Monkeys Coming Soon!

October 6, 2011

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

With so much going on at the sanctuary, I hardly know where to begin...so let's start with the next monkey arrival - Blair!

Blair is a black tufted-ear marmoset who was originally purchased as a 'pet' until she and her companion were confiscated and transferred to the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri. Unfortunately, Blair's companion died - the zoo did not have other marmosets and did not want Blair to live a life of solitude - Jungle Friends was contacted.

The 'Friends of the Zoo' donated the funds for Blair's new habitat and the move in date set for October 12th! Blair is still in need of a sponsor, so please consider sponsoring Blair. Monkey sponsorships make great gifts...hint hint!

Next on our waiting list is Sammy, a brown capuchin who is due to arrive on October 14th.

Sammy is also at a zoo, all alone, and in a barren cage. The zoo is closing and Sammy had no place to go - Jungle Friends to the rescue!

Sammy's habitat is being built as we speak. Michael & Courtney Connolly, our habitat donors, have named his new habitat "Scoo Town".  And this just in...Nancy Martin is Sammy's very first sponsor! THANK YOU - you're the best!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

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