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Timmy and Dylan's Rehabilitation

October 14, 2011

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

When we were first asked to house Timmy and Dylan, we were told that they were malnourished, could barely lift their tiny heads and were not healthy enough for travel.

We learned that Timmy and Dylan were just babies who only weeks earlier were stolen from their mother monkey’s arms and sold into the notorious exotic pet trade.

Fortunately for these two monkeys, the people who bought them did not realize they were illegal in their area, so the monkeys were confiscated.

When baby monkeys are born, they naturally cling to their mothers. Unfortunately these babies were taken from their mothers when they were just a few days old and placed on an inanimate object. When Timmy and Dylan first arrived, they were clinging to a stuffed animal and rocking - baby monkeys need mother monkeys!

Luckily for Timmy and Dylan, they were welcomed into another group of monkeys here at the sanctuary! Monkers, a young adult, actually carries Dylan on her back and so does Zumie, an adolescent monkey. Mochi enjoys outlandish rough and tumble play with both Timmy and Dylan. It has been a heartwarming journey watching these babies turn into happy healthy monkeys!

Our job now, is to be sure both Timmy and Dylan stay here at Jungle Friends. The ‘owners’ want these monkeys back and now we are facing a law suit to keep these youngsters in the only home they know, Jungle Friends.

They have been uprooted so many times in their young lives, they need stability, they have been living at Jungle Friends most of their lives, and we plan to keep them safe and out of harm’s way for the rest of their lives. To do that, we need your help. Please make a generous donation today and consider a monkey sponsorship for Timmy or Dylan.

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

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