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Sammy & Blair arrive. Preparing for V-Day!

October 20, 2011

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Sammy, the capuchin monkey who was at the defunct, bankrupt zoo in Douglas, AZ, arrived at Jungle Friends on October 14th to the delight of everyone here. Fortunately for Sammy, Jungle Friends supporters Michael and Courtney Connolly stepped up to the plate and donated the funds for a habitat for him here at Jungle Friends! They named his new habitat "Scoo Town." Hats off to Michael and Courtney!!

Having lived previously in a barren cage with a cement floor and no vegetation, six-year-old Sammy appears to be thin, but healthy. Loose skin on his face indicates he may have been heavier at one time. Sammy was a bit nervous when he first arrived, but now he screams with delight whenever anyone approaches. He seems to be very humanized, however, we hope to see him happily interacting with other monkeys soon. Sammy is thriving, eating everything put in front of him and investigating every inch of his new home. Jungle Friends staff are considering a match with best friends Tiki and Pipperoo.

Nancy was Sammy's first sponsor and this just in...Sheila just sponsored Sammy too. THANK YOU BOTH! Nancy and Sheila are Brass Sponsors, $10 a month and it costs us about $200 per month to care for each monkey at Jungle Friends, so he needs more sponsors.

We still have many more monkeys on our waiting list, please donate to our Expansion Project and make a difference in the lives of so many monkeys!

New arrival--Blair, a black tufted-ear marmoset, arrived on October 19th and has already made an impression on Momo, Bachelor #1! Watch for news and videos as the 'Dating Game' continues in the next Jungle News. Blair and Momo are both in need of sponsors. Please consider a sponsorship as a holiday gift for a loved one.

DONATIONS NEEDED for V-DAY!!  Michele Martino, DVM, and  Lee Watt, vet tech, will be at Jungle Friends on November 14 - 18 to perform 17 vasectomies and 13 A1C diabetes tests on our monkeys. Wow, 30 monkeys, you go girls! The vasectomies are not only important to avoid pregnancy, but will offer these boys many more choices in companions since we do do not place intact males with females. This will also allow the boys a chance to become "friendly" with their female love interest. Lots of Monkey Love and no Monkey Babies!

Gibbon Vasectomy
Lee Watt, Shirley McGreal of IPPL and Michele Martino, DVM

These two wonderful women are donating their time and services for the Jungle Friends monkeys. Now we need your help. Our costs are about $25 per monkey, please donate to our Gizmo Medical Memorial Fund. Donations to the Fund are used for ongoing medical expenses and to purchase medical supplies necessary for our on-site clinic. Thank you!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

P.S. Be sure to read 'A Mother's Plea' on our Monkeyshines Blog! Become an author and tell us your story.

Meet These Monkeys: Blair 2004 - 2013, Sammy

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