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A Monkey's Thanks - thanks to you!

November 24, 2011

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving! In this Jungle News, we are going to give you Thanksgiving from a few of the Jungle Friends monkeys' perspectives. Be sure to click on the photos to watch their videos and find out for yourself why these monkeys are so thankful.

Elizabeth - I am thankful to have given birth to a healthy baby boy. Even more importantly, I will have the opportunity at Jungle Friends to raise my infant myself! Many of you don't know that I was in a breeding situation and had my babies stolen from me when they were just a few days old. I am so grateful that we can spend the rest of our lives together in a safe place with other monkeys.

Goober - Thank you, thank you, thank you for Fiona! I spent nearly 20 years all alone in laboratory research until Jungle Friends offered me a home. And now - I have a girlfriend, wow, I got my very first monkey kiss - this is the best Thanksgiving ever!

Timmy & Dylan - This is our very first Thanksgiving and we are so happy to be spending it at Jungle Friends with all of our monkey friends. We were stolen from our monkey moms and sold! The police sent us to a zoo and the zoo sent us to Jungle Friends. Fortunately Monkers and Zumie, two other monkeys,  took on the job of raising us like monkeys! We love our 'monkey life'!

Brandy - I was worried I wouldn't make it to Thanksgiving! I am thankful to Mimi and Kari for staying up nights to give me the fluids I needed, to be sure I took the nasty pills I didn't want and to provide me with lots and lots of hugs! I also want to thank our supporters for donating for my medical care!


Freddie - I am thankful Shira heard my screams when a stump fell on me! I was pretty shaken and have been in the clinic and at Kari's house for the past few days. The vet had to glue the break in my beak and I am on soft foods, they tell me it will take time and I may need surgery, so please send money!

And I am thankful for all of the monkeys at the sanctuary who make my life worth living! I am also thankful to all of our supporters who make the 'Jungle Friends Life' possible for me and the monkeys!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

Meet These Monkeys: Elizabeth, Dylan, Goober 1985 - 2020