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Missing Little Dodger

January 16, 2012

Little DodgerDear Friend of Jungle Friends,

My heart is aching as I write to you of Little Dodger’s last days with us. His death came as such a shock, I couldn’t bring myself to write any sooner, and even now it is very difficult.

Oh, how I wanted Dodger to be happy again and well enough to be reunited with Isabelle in their beautiful habitat. I miss him desperately. I was not ready to say goodbye.

Dodger eating Dodger was doing so much better. Every day he was eating more, gaining weight and seemed stronger, as you will see in the video we made the day before his death. Dodger was quite the fighter... but his illness was more than his fragile little body could overcome.

Intern Kat cares for DodgerThroughout his illness, Dodger was surrounded by humans who loved him. Of course, we are no match for monkey love. We know he missed Isabelle and his other marmoset friends. Still, I don't believe Dodger suffered. If he did, he was very good at hiding it.

I was cradling Dodger to my heart when he passed. I selfishly asked him to come back. Maybe he only stayed as long as he did because we were so intent on keeping him alive.

I will miss Dodger's outrageous personality. There were no other monkeys in all of Munchkinland to compare with the antics of Dodger and Isabelle. Dodger will be remembered for a long, long time, by everyone who ever met him.

Little Dodger had a good life at Jungle Friends, filled with fun, love and companionship. I know that Dodger is at peace.

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

P.S. Please make a donation in memory of Little Dodger to our Memorial Medical Fund.

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