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Share Your Heart with Monkey Love for Valentine's Day

February 8, 2012

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Floyd and Phoebe's tale has all the elements of the perfect love story: Epic travels, loss and heartbreak, freedom and discovery — finishing with the triumphant union of two soulmates.

Phoebe had her babies taken from her just days after their birth and Floyd was stolen from his native home and sold into research for nearly two decades. Thankfully Floyd and Phoebe both found a forever home at Jungle Friends.

When Floyd met Phoebe it was love at first site, and before long Phoebe had him wrapped around her little finger! Now they live blissfully together doing monkey things.

Floyd was not accomplished in the ways of love - that did not discourage Phoebe. She encouraged and guided Floyd to one of the many pleasures he had been denied.

Watch their video "The Seduction" for a little Valentine's Day inspiration.

Celebrate the love of your life and "Share Your Heart" by sponsoring a monkey in honor of a loved one this Valentine's Day and your gifts will include this beautiful Valentine Card!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

But wait...there's more! We have another love affair between BamBam and ChiChi. The video will be on FaceBook this week, and on Jungle News next week, so stay tuned for more Monkey Love!

Meet These Monkeys: Floyd 1985 - 2018