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Louie is safe and happy!

March 2, 2012

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Louie's first day in his new home at Jungle Friends was a resounding success!

Louie didn't make a sound during the two day journey from New York to Florida until he bolted from his carrier into his spacious habitat and locked eyes with the other squirrel monkeys. WOW, lots of monkey chatter, music to our ears! Louie made it known straight away that he approved of his new home and he made it known that he was very interested in Simon. Simon and Louie did the 'leg streatch' to each other and then all the boys were doing the 'leg stretch' for Louie's benefit, if you know what I mean ;-)!

What a difference these pictures shows from the scared little monkey in the photo when he was first picked up. Louie wasn't a bit shy about scampering around in his new home, greeting his very first monkey friends, and eating his first meal in his new home -- Louie is a champion eater!

Louie chose to sleep outside in the balmy Florida climate on his first night and then last night he was in his indoor enclosure -- options he never had before. Louie is very excited about his new digs and his new monkey friends!

I am so grateful to everyone who has helped Louie make his way to Jungle Friends! I want to thank Gail and Ralph who have been working for months to find a sanctuary home for Louie since the death of their brother.

Animal Rescue CorpsAnd a very special thank you to Gail and Marc Sander who funded the journey, David McBeth, Louie's very first monkey sponsor, June Conley, Louie's second sponsor, Frank Kling who led the way with the Birthday Challenge, Jody, Susan, Eve, Dee, Rachel, Elizabeth, Jace, Chris, Tim, Rod, Val and Rolf -- well, too many of our wonderful supporters to list. It took a village of kind supporters to come through for this little monkey! And hats off to Scotlund & Tim with Animal Rescue Corps for Louie's safe travels to his new forever home at Jungle Friends, we love you ARC!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks

P.S. Louie is a lucky little monkey. Too often I have to say, "No" to monkeys in need - we are near capacity. You can help! Read about our Expansion Project, and email me if you have the skills or resources to help out. Just imagine what we could accomplish together!

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