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Brandi Update & Money for Monkeys Match

March 7, 2012

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

I took Brandi back to Dr. Schirmer today for more diagnostics since the ultra sound on Monday did now show us anything. We finally have a diagnosis on Brandi’s breathing troubles. It is not the best case scenario, but certainly not the worst. Brandi has Laryngeal Paralysis and the paralysis will only worsen, it will not get better.
       Brandi's welcoming committee
Surgery can repair the problem. The preferred surgery is unilateral arytenoid lateralization for most dogs, however, we will have a consult with the surgeon to determine which type of surgery will be best and if Brandi is a good candidate. Good to excellent long-term results are reported in 90 – 100% of the patients. The surgery is a bit pricey, about $1600, but all of her other tests show that Brandi is in good health, despite her bout with renal failure last year.

Now for some really GOOD NEWS…we have another matching grant from one of our New York City supporters and this match is for $5,000! So, please do not delay -- make a donation for the Monkey Money Match today.

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks
P.S. The video of Louie's arrival is in the making and will be ready for your viewing pleasure by the first of the week, so stay tuned!