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Goodbye to Brandi

March 19, 2012

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

Most of you are aware that we lost Brandi last Thursday, March 15. Brandi had rapidly-worsening Laryngeal Paralysis but because of the generosity of Jungle Friends supporters, we were able to give her a chance at life through unilaterial arytenoid surgery. Unfortunately, Brandi's surgery did not go well and Dr. Mackenzie, the veterinarian, was unable to save her.

I was with Brandi when she woke from anesthesia and her breathing did not improve. The more she woke, the more difficult it was for her to breathe. Dr. Mackenzie said the only way for her to breathe was a permanent tracheotomy, with a 50/50 chance of survival. If she made it through that surgery, there would be complications. Aspiration pneumonia would always be a problem so Brandi would have to be hand fed and have to live totally inside, and those of you who knew Brandi, knew she loved to be outside where the action is.

I asked Dr. Mackenzie what he would do if Brandi were his dog and he said that because the quality of her life would change so dramatically, that he would let her go. I held Brandi close and told her what a difference she made in my life and the lives of so many others.

There was one bright light in this tragedy. Dr. Mackenzie zeroed out our bill, and asked me to use the funds for the other animals in the sanctuary. Donations to Brandi's surgery have been re-allocated to the Jungle Friends Memorial Medical Fund for the next medical emergency.

I am comforted in the knowledge that we did everything that could have been done for Brandi and that I was with her when she left this world.

Lots of monkey and dog love,
Kari, the monks and the dogs too!