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July 19, 2010 - Jungle Friends Expansion Unfolds!

July 19, 2010

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,

At Jungle Friends, our motto is dream big – and take action now. We are dreaming big, striving to purchase the property for our Expansion Project... and the actions of our supporters are propelling us toward that goal! One vote at a time, you moved Jungle Friends into the winner' circle in the Chase Community Giving contest! We won $20,000 for expansion!

Now, we need your help to bring that dream to life.

Take action now:
Donate for Jungle Friends Expansion!

(Note: You can still donate to maintain Jungle Friends.)

There are more monkeys who need a home today – and still more in years to come. We have the rare opportunity right now to gain the “room to grow” that will make all the difference for so many lives in coming years. The neighboring property, perfect for our needs, is available now at the bargain price of only $200,000.

In just a few weeks, we have raised more than $30,000. But more is needed to keep this opportunity from slipping away.

Your donation at any level provides immediate help for monkeys in need today and an opportunity to build for future needs.

We invite you to dream big along with us. Please help Jungle Friends grow. Make a donation for Jungle Friends Expansion today.

Dream big - ACT NOW!

P.S. Share the dream to make it real! Please, tell a friend about Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.