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July 22, 2011 - We are blogging from AR 2011 in Los Angeles!

Kari, Mimi, and Jane are in Los Angeles at the Animal Rights Conference spreading the Jungle Friends message and learning about the plight of other animals and what we can all do to help.

Kari is presenting a new 10-minute ‘Broken Bonds’ trailer at the conference at 11:30 on Saturday in the hopes of interesting some Hollywood-types to help with a full-length documentary about the broken bonds between a mother monkey and her infant. Kari will also be presenting ‘Running a Sanctuary’ on Sunday at 11:30.

And of course, Jungle Friends will have an exhibit table featuring beautiful Monkey Art and other Monkey Merchandise. Several of the Jungle Friends monkeys got together and painted a magnificent work of art to auction at the conference.

Monkey Art for Auction

Kari, Mimi and Jane will be blogging and posting photos throughout the weekend on our Monkeyshines Blog , so be sure to visit our blog frequently to see what our Jungle Friends ambassadors are up to!