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July 29, 2011 - Animal Rights Conference 2011 - a huge success!

Kari, Mimi, and Jane made the trip from Jungle Friends to Los Angeles for the Animal Rights National Conference last week. They arrived with magnificent Monkey Art, beautiful Monkey Cards, gorgeous Monkey Necklaces, and our newest Broken Bonds 10-minute trailer for the upcoming documentary and other monkey stuff to raise money and spread the word about the Jungle Friends mission.

Throughout the day, one of the Jungle Friends team has been at the sanctuary's display informing visitors about Jungle Friends, the monkeys, and how they can help. Our best seller was the Monkey Necklaces - we completely sold out, thank you Barbara! The girls also attended workshops and plenaries to learn about the troubles animals face around the world and how everyone can help!

Kari presented our "Broken Bonds" trailer at the conference to attract anyone who could help put the documentary together and was surprised at the number of good people willing to help with the project. It was encouraging to see how many audience members were asking questions and expressing interest in our cause. We will keep you informed about our progress with the film. And if you or anyone you know is in the filmmaking industry, please get in touch with us!

Jungle Friends donated a beautiful work of art by Mario to FARM for the auction at the banquet and we are proud to report that the Monkey Art sold for $2,000! Second only to Paul McCartney’s signed guitar! Everyone was very impressed with Mario’s artistic abilities. Even better, Diane Mueller, who purchased the art is planning a visit to Jungle Friends and is interested in sanctuary work!

And now for the BIG NEWS…we received an anonymous donation of 10,000 dollars the last day of the conference!! This is a HUGE contribution to the Expansion Project which will help us accommodate more abused and neglected monkeys. It is truly motivating and inspiring to know that people are willing to help our cause and the monkeys!