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July 8, 2006 - A new life for Mike and Molly (pictorial)

On July 8, 2006, Kari and Claude made a trip to southern Florida to pick up two spider monkeys who were faced with euthanasia and bring them to their new home and life at Jungle Friends. Mike and Molly were the first to move into the huge new spider monkey habitat which was completed shortly before their arrival.

Here are some photo highlights of Mike and Molly's relocation...

At the monkeys' old home, Claude fashioned forks to put between the adjoining habitats to separate Mike and Molly during the capture.

Claude traps Molly in the runway while Ed gives an injection to immobilize her so she can be examined and transported.

A full examination, TB test and vaccinations are performed before transporting Mike and Molly to Jungle Friends.

A tearful Ed helps Claude carry the monkeys to the van that will take Mike and Molly to their new home.

Bonnie and Ed, the "owners", say good-bye to Mike and Molly.

Ed and Bonnie break down as Mike and Molly head to their new
home at Jungle Friends.

Mike and Molly moved into the Thunder Dome, which is so large it is difficult to see the monkeys inside.

Mikey sits under the trees outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Molly investigates her new surroundings.

Mikey takes his breakfast to new heights.

Molly naps on a perch after inspecting her new habitat.

Mikey kicks back on his stuffed animals inside for a quick nap.