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June 30, 2011 - Monkeyshines Blog - Be there, or be square!

Let's hear it for our Monkey People!

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary has something new! We are very excited about the Monkeyshines Blog. Those of us who live here at the sanctuary have the good fortune of hearing wonderful monkey stories first hand at dinner every night - and now all of our supporters will be able to hear all about the monkeys and their shenanigans too on our new Monkeyshines Blog!

The Monkeyshines Blog is a way for our staff, interns and volunteers to tell their monkey stories and connect our supporters with the monkeys who live here at the sanctuary. These amusing and inspiring stories will give you a look into life with the monkeys at Jungle Friends.
You will read about the new habitat going up - thanks to a grant from National Anti-Vivisection Society. Watch the slideshow of our enthusiastic volunteers!
Watch the video of Lulu's perilous encounter with her arch enemy, the dreaded pinecone!
Some folks think Jungle Friends is "for the birds" - read what Intern Nick has to say about our fine feathered friends.
You won’t want to miss Ernesto's story - he never misses a target!
The Monkeyshines Blog is interactive: please comment on the blog posts!

If you have been to Jungle Friends and have a Monkey Story of your own, we would like to share your story with our supporters! To author a story, email info@junglefriends.org. Become a part of the Jungle Friends culture!

Happy Together! - Ebi with his best friend Micky

Featured Monkeys
Ebi & Mickey having a great time.

Jungle Friends founder Kari will present.

Mojo Jojo poses
for a local newspaper! (article)

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