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March 10, 2008 - Birthday zone and baby monkey arrivals!

Dear Friends of Jungle Friends,

I had such a great birthday! Thank you all so much for all of the great 'monkey stuff'! I thought I would leave the gift registry up on the site for all of you to use and enjoy for your own birthdays! So on your next birthday when someone asks what you want, tell them to give the gift of charity and direct them to the Birthday Zone on our website where they can give a gift in your honor to help us help the monkeys! (please see Gifts for the Monkeys, Thank You)

We have had several new additions to our Jungle Friends Family -

Mario Mario

The first to arrive was Mario who was only three years old when he was found running loose in Jacksonville, Florida, where he was being kept without a permit. Mario is being held in protective custody at Jungle Friends while the 'owners' attempt to get a license and proper housing. Mario is all boy and quite rambunctious! From sunup to sundown Mario is on the go; he really enjoys playing with his new monkey friends. We hope that the 'owners' will realize that Mario needs the company of his own kind and will allow Mario to stay with his new monkey family.


Teto was the next youngster to arrive; he is just two and a half years old. Teto was living as a 'pet' illegally, but the 'owners' had decided that Teto might get a bit too aggressive with a new human baby in the house. Fortunately, they were already arranging for Teto's move to Jungle Friends when Animal Control contacted them. Someone had reported that they were keeping a monkey illegally. If Teto wasn't heading to a sanctuary ASAP, he would have been confiscated! Teto had been diagnosed with diabetes, but within weeks after arriving at Jungle Friends he was weaned off insulin and has tested negative for glucose ever since. We attribute Teto's recovery to a good diet and plenty of exercise - compliments of Mario!

Next to come along was Chucky, another young brown capuchin who arrived at Jungle Friends on my birthday. What a great birthday gift! Chucky is just a baby - under two years old. He was supposed to star in a TV show, but fortunately he was confiscated during a marijuana bust and was never made to perform. When the drug bust came down not only were the people stoned, but so was little Chucky! Chucky now lives in a drug-free environment and is doing just great!


We introduced Chucky to Mario, Teto, Connie and Pipperoo to make one big happy monkey family! With three lively young monkeys in a great big habitat, the monkey shenanigans go on and on. It will wear you out just to watch the youngsters play, whew!

Chucky and friends playing

Pipperoo and Connie just dote on the little ones, and are always grooming and fussing over them. Of course, we are looking for sponsors for all of the new baby monkeys - and Chucky got his first sponsor yesterday!

We had a visit from two lovely young ladies, Brianna and Cassidy, who had recently decided that they would like to make a contribution to help monkeys. They came by the sanctuary with their parents to meet the Jungle Friends monkeys, and each of them chose to pledge a large portion of her hard-earned allowance for a monthly monkey sponsorship. Chucky gained his first sponsor when he stole Brianna's heart, and Spunky won over Cassidy with his special flirting dance, reserved for his favorite people. We are so happy to have these wonderful young folks as monkey sponsors! Monkey sponsorships are the life-blood that keeps the sanctuary going. Please follow Brianna and Cassidy's example, and donate to our Sponsor-A-Monkey program today!

Lots of monkey love,
Kari and the monks